Four twenty-somethings and three businessmen are hunted by a terrible monster, while a former minister prepares to do battle with the ancient evil.


Hetzhund: The Duke of Crows is a Canadian horror creature feature directed by Lee Foster and written and produced by Ryan Kobold.

Set in the freezing cold Canadian winter and starring Canadian Olympic figure skating champion Elvis Stojko and a brilliantly dynamic cast, Hetzhund aims to capture the fun of 1980’s horror films with the elegance and depth of the best of H.P. Lovecraft.

Our versatile and dedicated cast includes:

Elvis Stojko, Damien Doepping, Rob Notman, Jacqueline Godbout, Aaron Heels, Paige Foskett, Kenneth Bemister, Thomas Scott, Liam Murphy, and Steve Kasan.

Our film features practical creature effects by The Butcher Shop, original musical score by Aboro, and it’s very own theme song by Canadian horrorbilly act The House of Haunt.